Bem-vindes/Benvenuti to the applications
She-EDE Course Portugal/Italy 2024!

Welcome beautiful beings entering into this space of empowerement. 
We look forward to meeting you soon!


Summer 2024
20 – 29 July

Umbria, Italy


Fall 2024
11 – 19 October

Covão do Feto,
Alcanena, Portugal


Winter 2024
29 – 7 December

Umbria, Italy


Spring 2025
April 27 – May 5

Covão do Feto,
Alcanena, Portugal

what’s included

  • 4 modules of 8 days each
  • Food and accommodation for each module
  • Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables for our meals coming from local Portuguese and Italian farmers
  • Rich Community Living Experience & Simulation
  • Building lifelong connections across different ages, cultures, livelihoods
  • Spaces for research, healing and transmission of women’s culture and soul
  • The Four Ecological Dimensions of Gaia Education
  • The Four Dimensions of Matriarchal Societies
  • Ceremonies, circles and healing practices
  • Head, Heart and Hands Regenerative Experiential Learning
  • Exploration of the rich intersection of embodied practice, environmental philosophy and ecological thinking from matriarchal perspectives
  • Experience in designing and implementing creative solutions & ideas
  • Guided by international and expert facilitatresses
  • Site visits to Natural Parks in Portugal and Italy
  • Expert panelist discussion on Matriarchal and Indigenous Societies and their special values
  • Certification by Gaia Education
  • Special Guests and Celebration events
  • Design creative solutions, ideas and implementation for Women Empowerment
  • Practices from the toolbox of the Work That Reconnects



Basic Path


This is the basic investment that helps us start the program.



Middle Path


This amount covers all costs and allows only trainers to receive a basic income for their work.


Thrive Path


With your investment we fully cover the infrastructure, support those who cannot afford the middle path.


Support Path


With your investment we fully cover the infrastructure, support those who cannot afford the middle path and generate an income for supporting the program.


Registration is open until accommodation is full. A 30% deposit will be due upon acceptance of the application. Full payment must be completed 5 days before the beginning of the course.

You will receive the payment details after your application is accepted. The Application steps are as follows: 1. Submit Application Form, 2. Scheduled Zoom Call with a Team member, 3. Payment Deposit

how to choose your investment

We offer this course on a sliding scale to allow diverse (financial) backgrounds to be able to take part in this course. The options above give you an idea of the money we need to cover our costs. 

The following questions are meant to support you in choosing your investment and possibly make you consider your financial situation in a new light. You do not need to justify your choice to anyone and are welcome to choose any number in between the different paths.

  • Do you travel recreationally?
  • Do you have access to family support if needed?
  • Do you have investments or inherited money?
  • Do you own the home that you live in?
  • Do you work part time by choice?
  • Do you have a comparatively high earning power due to your education, place of living, nationality, gender, race or class privilege?
  • Are you enthusiastic to support others to join the SHE-EDE?

If you answered YES to one of more of these questions, 
consider paying a higher amount.

  • Are you a student?
  • Do you live on a retirement pension?
  • Do you support children or other dependents financially?
  • Do you cover your living costs with support from social institutions?
  • Do you live in a country with low wages?
  • Do you have considerable medical, immigration-related, or educational expenses?

If you answered YES to one of more of these questions, consider paying less.

We offer direct experience in a supportive learning environment to practice collective skills in working groups of varying sizes.

By clicking Apply you will be redirected to our application form and the application process will begin.


We would love you to be aware of the opportunity to be part of this course. If you need to sign out please let us know as soon as possible, because others might be waiting.

Be a sponsor

Why not consider offering a scholarship?
Sponsor a place in this event and offer the opportunity to someone, who otherwise would be unable to participate.


Scholarships are available for EU and non-EU citizens which cannot afford the Middle Path. Share your dreams, life aspirations and motivation with us and apply for this opportunity. Please send an email with your photo to: