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The security and privacy of user data on the websites managed by BestUp with the websites and are extremely important aspects.

BestUp, responsible for the management and editing of the website and , undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data of its users, collected through cookies and voluntary subscription to the newsletter.

Please read the text below to find out how the information you provide will be treated by BestUp. BestUp reserves the right to modify the privacy policy, therefore it is advisable to read this document regularly.


Use of the websites presupposes acceptance by the user of these terms and conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy in force.

The contents presented are protected by law.

BestUp reserves the right to modify these general conditions.


Taking into account the use of the BestUp websites, mentioned above, the user undertakes to: provide correct, updated and complete information at the time of registration; maintain the security of your password and identification; keep your information up to date; accept all risks of unauthorized access to information. RESPONSIBILITY

BestUp has adequate levels of security, however it will not be liable for any damages suffered by the user and/or third parties, due to delays, interruptions, errors and suspensions of communications that have factors beyond its control, or any failures o deficiencies caused by the communication network or communication services provided by third parties, by the computer system, by modems, by connection software or by possible computer viruses or resulting from the downloading (downloading) via the service of files infected or containing viruses or other properties that can affect the user’s equipment.

If, for any reason, due to an error in accessing the websites, it is impossible to provide the service, BestUp will not be liable for any damages resulting therefrom.

BestUp may provide notices to you by email, and/or by posting news or notices on websites.

BestUp reserves any and all rights at any time to modify, suspend or terminate any service.

BestUp will try, where possible and promptly, to report any service interruptions, it being understood that it is not required to inform.

Any information or message left by the user on the websites will be considered the property of BestUp and will not be considered confidential.

BestUp reserves the right to copy, disseminate, distribute or use as it deems most appropriate, all the material provided, with the exception of private information and personal data protected by the current Privacy Policy.

The user undertakes to refrain from using the site to publish and disseminate comments that are discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, likely to incite racial hatred, violate confidentiality or privacy, which may cause inconvenience or inconvenience to third parties, that encourage or constitute behavior that may be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or any other form contrary to Portuguese law, undertaking to cancel as soon as this behavior is observed.

This website may contain links to third party websites (“Linked Sites”) that may contain useful information. The current privacy policy does not apply to these sites.

BestUp declines all responsibility for direct or indirect damages deriving from the use of these sites or any other linked to it.

BstUp reserves the right to modify the information presented on the websites at any time in order to keep it up to date.


Cookies are small text files sent by websites and stored on each user’s personal computer. The use of cookies is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the websites, as well as providing the website owners with useful information for the improvement and improvement of the website and the services provided.

In order to provide services with content adapted to the interests of visitors, websites use cookie technology to collect and store information. The use of cookie technology to count page visits allows for a more accurate analysis of site usage.

Websites, once registered by the user, use cookie technology in order to have access to a small data file generated by the user.

If the user does not wish to receive cookies, he can configure his computer to warn him each time he receives a cookie or disable all cookies via his browser.

If you disable cookies, you may not be able to access some of the features offered by the websites.


Users can voluntarily subscribe to the newsletters on the website or , providing the following data: name, district/country, date of birth/year and e-mail address. BestUp will use the data from the newsletter form to contact you and to keep you updated on its projects and activities. If you wish to stop receiving the newsletter, there is a link in the newsletter to unsubscribe.


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The user acknowledges that the content of this website is protected by intellectual property rights and undertakes to respect these rights.

All the contents of the site are therefore protected by the provisions of the Code of Copyright and Related Rights and of the Industrial Property Code, and cannot be reproduced or removed without the express written authorization of the respective rights holders, so the Authors can be injured in their morality and/or material interests claim compensation for the damage from the entity, regardless of any penal liability that may exist.

BestUp reserves the right, at any time, to make changes to such contents, without any obligation to notify the user in advance.


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