SHE-EDE Location

Magliano Sabina

is an existing community that chooses environmental protection as an Ecological Transition Town Movement strategy and distances itself from Industrial Growth Society. For more than 15 years the town has been investing public resources to make a technological shift and work towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Goals.

The Eco-hostel where the She-EDE is taking place is an example of this ecological virtuosity. The municipalities´ efforts towards sustainability are also visible in the infrastructural actions in the town of Magliano Sabina and its surroundings, which includeSome Examples?

In its agrarian rural reality, Magliano Sabina is still close to the metropolitan city of Rome. Citizens of the area benefit from the value of being close to the city while living in a natural environment. In recent decades this area has been particularly appreciated by people in search of a better quality of life, which can be found in the genuine food coming from ancient traditions; its biologically grown products; as well as the small scale of its villages that facilitate community and caring interactions. We are happy for the warm welcome of the municipality and Magliano Sabina´s citizens, who offer us to use their public spaces, such as the gymnasium, as well as art and community spaces.

How to get to Magliano Sabina

From the highway -Take the Magliano Sabina A1 motorway exit and then proceed to the right for 2 km, turn left at the intersection and follow road signs to town for 3 km. From Via Flaminia (around km 64) – Turn at the intersection and continue for 3 km following signs to town

10 minutes’ drive from the CIvita Castellana/Magliano Sabina Train Station (FR1 Fiumicino Airport-Orte Line). The station provides direct links from Magliano Sabina to Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and Rome.

The hostel is located in the town centre of Magliano Sabina (Italia), via Mariano Falconi, 2 (piazzale Umberto I). 

Roma 35 km, Narni 20 km, Viterbo 40 km, Orvieto 60 km, Todi 70 km, Spoleto 70 km, Assisi 100 km, Perugia 110 km, Firenze 200 km

Eco Electric Bikes

Magliano Sabina

The SHE-EDE will take place in the beautiful ecological hostel of Magliano Sabina. Nestled in a charming natural environment, the EcOstello will host us for our 4 week journey.

The EcOstello Magliano Sabina is a public structure at the service of the community managed by Azienda Municipalizzata Sabina. It hosts guests from all around the world, day in day out. For the duration of the SHE-EDE we will be the only guests and the hostel will become our home and learning space. We will cook in the hostel kitchen, sleep in dormitories (50 beds) and be able to enjoy the 360° view of the Tiber valley from the rooftop.

The hostel facilities are part of the charming XVIII century nuns’ monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The building includes a church in which masterpieces of the past are displayed, including the XIV c. wall painting of the Madonna della Misericordia, covered with finely chiselled silvery garments, and the Romanesque crypt with its XIV Century frescos by painter Giovanni di Giovannello from Narni. The monastery building also encompassed the public library open to the community.

The Magliano Sabina ecoHostel has been awarded the Premio di Eccellenza Italian Resilience Award 2016 for its efforts in the implementation of affordable eco-compatible technologies. The building has been renovated following the best practices of energy and water self sufficiency. With its adoption of innovative ecological solutions, the EcOstello serves as an inspiring role model for environmental sustainability.


Common Area
Equipped Area in the Hostel Garden
Kids Playground
Outdoor Basketball Court
Wi-Fi free throughout the Facility
Breakfast at One of the Local
Partner Cafés
Luggage Deposit Upon Arrival
Detached Public Parking
24h Assistance

Credit Card Payments
Entrance to the Civic Museum
Book Crossing
Free Electric Bikes
Charging station
Boiler and Microwave Oven in Common Spaces
Hair dryer
Steam Iron

We will sleep in shared rooms (4-6 people) and take care of cooking and cleaning all together. Sharing space and taking care of day-today tasks collectively will be an integral part of our experience as a temporary community.

Magliano Sabina


Common Areas