The Team

We are ready to openly and passionately share this learning journey with you.

With the aim to empower women to contribute to the world they wish to live in, we came together to create the SHE-EDE. Our collaboration benefits from our shared vision as well as the diversity in skills, personal and professional background, age, and personality. 

We met at Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) in Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland and the EDE Training of Trainers (TOT) course in Damanhur, Italy. 

Each bringing our own rich experiences, we offer a learning journey of depths and impact. We welcome you warm-heartedly to join this course, this research, this network and are looking forward to meeting you.


2023 TEAM

Sabina Santovetti


Sabina Santovetti, Woman and Mother, 64 years old, Italian, architect, designer, teacher and artist who ran a Boutique Architecture & Design Firm in Rome until she became, in 2018, an activist in Extinction Rebellion. After having realized, through the studies of the latest I.P.C.C. reports and many other texts the “inconceivable danger and possibility of this moment in our species’ evolution” – (Chris Moore- Backman), she chose to start a new life of studies “Head, Heart and Hands” to facilitate community building and spiritual ecology’ tools of change in Italy and abroad. In the 30 year she was a designer, her firm’s philosophy gave exclusive attention to Eco-design and sustainability issues. For 30 years, she was and still is, committed in designing new and old residential buildings, with all respect to their contest and life quality. Her focus was to use energy saving principles of “Class A-Nature” buildings and ecological certified construction materials. She also has been involved in designing textiles, products, furniture, interiors, events, theater and cinema sets as part of a personal vocational formation. She is one of the founders, 2008, of the Association BestUp where she collaborates and is part of the Scientific Committee, involved in bringing awareness about ecological issues in the sphere of sustainable design and architecture.

Cornelia Fey


Cornelia is an experienced traumatherapist for more than two decades, a medicine women, holder of ceremonies, rituals and circles. She loves to tell stories that inspire.

She is an open, warm and curious. She is a passionate ,authentic and hands on person, who loves to sing,  talk, explore and be in nature.

Her passion is to embrace life, our body , feelings and own it. She loves to help to find possibilities and to step out of one’s victim story into an empowered living.

She is part of the Womens Tempel training (Mayonah Bliss), guiding women into an awakened femininity since 2017.

She has done trainings on the map of feelings (Vivian Dittmar), the work (Katie Byron), power of ceremony (Alberto Villoldo), Spiritual Activism (Caroline Casey), Embodiment Coaching ( Mark Walsh) and many more.

She started the first Red tent in London in 2012.

She participated in the Glarisegg EDE in 2022.

She is now very excited to bring her gifts, wisdom and knowledge to the EDE in Italy to empower women to make their contribution to the world in their full capacity

Annabelle Schapals


Creating and holding space for growth, transformation, and exploration seems to be the most valuable contribution I can make in this world. Passionate about alternative education, interpersonal communication, and holistic health, I practice and teach yoga, sing, cook, organize and teach. 

I continue being amazed by the abundance and magic that is collectively created and experienced when there is space. Space for connection, honesty, and curiosity. When each individual is invited to share what is alive inside of them. Let´s create these spaces and give us humans the chance to explore what is possible.

Patrícia Teixeira


My curiosity is connected with nature and the natural cycles.

My education started in Architecture followed by Photography and Communication Design. Crossing different artistic expressions, exploring the therapeutic power of art, and creating beauty are precious themes to me.

As a creative I am motivated and inspired by observing and contemplating what is visible and invisible, acknowledging, embodying and expressing it through art.

I am enchanted by cooperative processes as a mean to develop ideas and integrated solutions with and to the community involved in the process. I enjoy producing and/or participating in experiences and celebrations that energise communities, creating feelings of care, belonging, grounding, that strengthen bonds that make us feel the joy of life. This Social engagement pushes me towards an active and aggregative citizenship, which creates synergies and value for the whole, where we can find fertile ground to pass on important, urgent, and transformative concepts.

Having gone through a Culture of Peace Journey, I have integrated into my projects this conscious way of weaving peaceful relationships with life, which nourishes me greatly.

Sonja-Vera Schmitt


Sonja-Vera is one of the founders of Schloss Glarisegg Community and has nurtured its growth for the past since 2003. Most recently she has added Regenerative Entrepreneur to her long list of vocations. Keeping the community running despite many economic challenges has required her creativity and ability to be a village weaver in a much larger empowerment game. While her training as a voice and speech therapist, her love of music and dance and her commitment to encounter processes were easily applied in the community social life, she had to face the details of long -term planning and construction finance involving larger sums of money.
She remains vitally engaged through Vipassana meditation and a genuine love of helping people. She first brought the EDE to Schloss Glarisegg in 2016 andremains a passionate organizer and trainer.

Tara van den Berg 

Martial arts, movement and resilience trainer – facilitator – researcher.

Tara is passionate about martial arts and embodiment as tools to grow awareness of ourselves, interpersonal relations and the world around us. After a journey through academics studying Postcolonial and Genderstudies and a masters in Youth Studies, followed by some years of exploring different movement fields such as yoga and playfight, experiencing community living and travelling through different cultures, she is now living in a gong fu school in Berlin, studying internal and external martials arts full time and giving martial arts and embodied resilience workshops and courses for women and girls.

Movement and playful expression is always at the center of her work with groups and individuals, creating spaces where you open all senses and connect to yourself and others in an embodied and more primal way, giving a sensed feeling of empowerment that is anchored in our body and breath. This can be through meditative movement and stillness or through playful and expressive games. It all leads us to be in the present moment, the only place we can truly observe, connect, and act.



My heart beats for a lot of things and a lot of what it beats for has to do with regeneration. 

I am part of creating a structure that enables regenerative food to be marketed more easily and process it myself into nourishing menus. I also support the formation of regenerative relationship networks along my regional food supply chain and soon also (especially menstruating) people in using cycles as a regeneration tool.

I have been living in community for the past three years and have perceived this as the fertile ground that supports me in being able to act in a way that is sustainable and future-proof.

Diverse networks of relationships give me the resilience to face the complex and interrelated crises of today. Nature mirrors this mechanism for me: ecosystems are more resilient when biodiverse networks are found within them.

OUR Curriculum

Together we want to research what we can learn from matriarchal societies around the world, dive deeply into our own wisdom and struggles as women.


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